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The law firm of JAS Law, LLP offers the best lawyers in Corporate Transaction and Intellectual Property. We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each case with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of law professionals qualified to successfully resolve Clients' various legal matters.  No issue is too big or too small. If your company have a legal problem, our experts can help you find a solution.

​Jasmine Ya-Fen Chen, JD, PhD

       Ms. Zhao’s practice also covers all aspects of corporate transactional law, including business formation, financing, licensing, corporate governance, and mergers & acquisitions. Ms. Zhao prepares and drafts for her clients shareholder and investor agreement, term sheet, voting agreement, stock purchase agreement, management rights letter, investor rights agreement, certificate of incorporation and corporate governance documents.

         Moreover, Ms. Zhao is specialized in Nonimmigrant Visas; she works with employers to prepare and submit visa applications for temporary employment in nonimmigrant visa categories including but not limited to H-1B (professionals in specialty occupations), L-1 (intra-company transferees) and O (persons of extraordinary ability). 

​         Ms. Zhao provides solution-focused, cost-effective, and high-quality legal services to clients. She represents established and emerging companies in the procurement, transaction and enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights. Her practice spans a wide technology range including chemical engineering, mechanical device, medical device, computer hardware and software, as well as the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields.

        Ms. Zhao is licensed to practice law in California and is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA).  She is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.                                          (O) (408) 900-8900          (F) (415) 873-3288

Ya-Fen (Jasmine) Chen provides high quality professional legalservices to companies, academic institutions and investment groups.  Jasmine's legal practice focuses on all areas of corporate transaction, business immigration, and intellectual property (IP) counseling, Her legal practice also provides part-time or virtual in-house counsel services. Jasmine applies business sense and cost-effectiveness in counseling her clients on IP legal matters.  The quality of her work product fits those clients looking for a close, efficient working relationship.

A PhD scientist by training, Jasmine has more than 18 years of patent law practice experience covering a wide range of technologies. She is engaging, organized, and motivated, and she thrives on handling disruptive advanced technologies.  Her legal experience includes working in client counseling for business start-ups, complex patent portfolio management for large companies, patent strategy for new drug leads and development pipelines, budgeting and prioritizing technology innovations, IP due diligence support, non-infringement and invalidity opinion practice, M&A, pre-litigation investigation, and related patent issues in NDA, ANDA, and IND for new drug applications submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  Jasmine is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Jasmine is a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). Dr. Jasmine Yafen Chen is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and admitted to practice law in California.